If you’re driven by a passion to make motorsport your hobby – or even career – the Association of Racing Drivers Schools (ARDS) test is the first step on your journey.

Successful completion of the ARDS test will credit you with a National B racing licence, the minimum requirement for motor racing as stipulated by Motorsport UK.

To hit the track to success, you must first apply for a Go Racing Pack from Motorsport UK.  The pack contains a DVD and the first part of your test will be a written exam about its contents.  This is followed by an assessment of your driving skills, including your ability to manoeuvre competently and consistently alongside other vehicles on the track. It’s not a speed test!

Once you’ve successfully completed the ARDS test, your National B race licence application form will be stamped and you’ll be ready to go racing.

To book your ARDS test, contact The Motorsports School on 01455 502412