East Midlands Racing Association – Rd 5

Sunday 4 August 2024

Vintage Sports Car Club

Saturday 31 August 2024

East Midlands Racing Association (EMRA) – Rd 6

Saturday 7 September 2024

PLOP Enduro ‘Mallory 100’

Saturday 28 September 2024


Sunday 6 October 2024

Welcome to
Mallory Park Circuit

An iconic motor sport venue nestled in the heart of the Leicestershire countryside, Mallory Park has a rich racing heritage and an adrenalin-fuelled future, with plans to revive motorsport memories spanning half a century with the return of big-time events.

Set among tranquil lakes and rolling hills, Mallory Park’s location also makes it a unique event venue, where delegates can arrive at their company conference as a sales rep and depart as a racing driver with a motorsport competition licence.

From adrenaline fuelled racing to high-speed passenger rides to triathlons and cycling – the friendly circuit puts its visitors in the driving seat, inviting you to participate, not just spectate.