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Auto Alex ‘SHEDFEST’

May 4

“Shedfest is an exciting event that I am thrilled to have initiated. It’s not just any car show; it’s all about celebrating my love for the motoring world. The British Motor Museum, a place that resonates with the spirit of automotive history and innovation, was the chosen venue for this fantastic gathering.

The idea behind Shedfest was to create an annual festival that unites car enthusiasts and aficionados of all things automotive. It’s a nod to the unique and often underappreciated world of cars, especially those referred to affectionately as “sheds” – cars that might not be the newest or shiniest, but are loved and cherished for their character and stories. This festival, first hosted in August 2023, was a sell-out success, indicative of the deep passion and communal spirit in the car enthusiast community.

Shedfest represents more than just a display of cars; it’s a celebration, an acknowledgment of the diverse and fascinating world of motoring that brings joy and excitement to so many people. It’s about embracing every aspect of car culture, from the sleek and stylish to the quirky and unconventional. The event at the British Motor Museum was not only a milestone for me but also a testament to the shared enthusiasm and camaraderie among car lovers. Looking forward to the next Shedfest, I’m excited to see this event grow and continue to be a space where car enthusiasts can gather, share their passions, and celebrate the automotive world in all its varied glory.”

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